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Núria Andorrà and Haize Lizarazu first met in 2018 playing together with the improviser Fred Frith and the visual artist Heike Liss. Since then, they have performed together both as Duo (Barcelona) and Trio (Madrid, London). They both share a contemporary music background and search for new ways of  communicating and creating through sound.




 She earned a bachelor's degree in percussion at the Esmuc, and later studied DKA and Master at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe.

After She work in different contemporary music ensembles, and she began her career in the world of improvisation, always with an interdisciplinary interest and searching for her own path. She has worked with Carles Santos, Hèctor Parra, Matmos, BCN 216, among others.

This search to find her musical language is played by Fred Frith, Joëlle Leandre, Agustí Fernández, Lê Quan Ninh, Ingar Zach, Mats Gustafsson, Pablo Ledesman, Nate Wooley, France-Marie Uitti, Joe Morris, Dominik Straycharski, Christine Bop , Ramon Prats, Susana Santos, Tom Chant and with the dancers, Manel Salas, Julyen Hamilton, Paolo Cingolani, Iris Heitzinger, Sónia Sánchez.

As a teacher she is a teacher of improvisation at the ESMUC and she teaches different workshops throughout Europe.

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Pianist, performer and improviser focused on contemporary and experimental music.
After studying in Vitoria, Barcelona (Esmuc) and Madrid she moves to Basel (Switzerland)
-Hochschule für Musik- where she gets her Master SP in Contemporary Music and takes
lessons of improvisation with Fred Frith. Later she moves back to Barcelona, where she
lives now, and completes the Master in Sound Art at the University of Barcelona.
Her career has many different ways and interests: contemporary and experimental music,
free improvisation, artistic research or sound performance. She has been and is part of
various groups and ensembles (Tamgram Trio, Nou Ensemble, Container Ensemble) and
has also been developing some scenic-performance works such as KEY CLICK- a [no]
piano concert, performed in countries such as Switzerland, Spain, Brazil and Germany, or
MANUAL-Hands as Instruments.
She has performed in many festivals and venues around Europe and America: Lauenburg
Kunstlerhaus (Germany), Gare du Nord, Klang Basel (Basel, Switzerland), Basel Stadt
Casino o Bern Dampfzentrale, WIM Zürich, EMA Festival (Madrid), FIME Festival (Sao
Paulo, Brazil), Festival Cervantino (Mexico), Generate Festival (Germany), Festival Vang
(Madrid), Festival Mixtur (Barcelona), Festival Ensems (Valencia), Cafe OTO (London),
among others.